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Choreographic Works

'Jaya Jaya Gangay'

An ode to the river Ganges, the symbol and essence of India, its origin and the legends revolving around it. Ganges has been a cradle for the early Indian civilisation, nurturing them with its pure clean water. This is a sensitive production on Ganges, invoking its past glory and beauty, just as it cries out in pain against its heavy pollution. "For someone as young as Rama to choreograph these not so ordinary pieces is a feat in itself"…The Times of India "Rama's prtrayal of Ganga flowing down to the earth was truly an inspired piece of choreography"..Indian Express


I know so I am is a unique attempt to combine the
vibrancy of Bharatanatyam with the poignancy of
contemporary concern on SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE
RIGHTS.The frame work of presentation is the blank
poetic verses in English written and narrated by MEERA
KHANNA.This production was premeiered in New Delhi for


Swashakti presents the inherant strenghts of the
Indian woman.Starting from the ARDHANAREESWARA concept where Siva is depicted as half man and half woman,the Indian Woman and Man complement each other's strenghts.lakshmi the goddess of wealth, Saraswati the Goddess of learning and Durga the Goddess of
empowerment are the three ideals around which the
Indian woman must build up her self esteem and
power.The presentation draws from ancient literature
and is held together by the blank verses in English by
Meera Khanna

'SHE - Swayam and HE' (Music by OS Arun)

This production dealt with gender sensitivity drawing from traditional as well as contemporary literature. Portraying Lord Shiva as the perfect example of gender equality in his Ardhanareeswara (half male half female form), where his female counterpart actively participates in all his functions and duties, The presentation goes on to depict the contemporary man and woman, who must be inspored by Ardhanareeswara. "Rama exquisitely brought out the dual nature of human existence by alternatively depicting the male and female aspects of the human body"…The Statesman

'Footsteps of Time' (Music by GS RAJAN)

This is a group choreography dealing with an abstract idea like TIME, one of man's greatest inventions, tracing its footsteps from immemorial to the modern time. It depicts the breakup of eternal time into past, present and future for human perception. With verses taken from the Rig Veda, it depicts how the celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon by bestowing light and darkness, were significant reference points during the vedic age. In contrast, how in modern times, man has ignored the movements of these celestial bodies and has become a slave to the clock. Eternal time has been reduced to an eternal race against time. "However, the belle of the new choreographies ball was undoubtedly Rama Vaidyanathan"..The Hindustan Times

Rama Vaidyanthan
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