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"Rama Vaidyanathan is the kind of dancer one see very seldom in this day and age, because she has an intensity and rigour of training that sets her apart from most others in her group"….April '95, First City magazine, Shanta Serbjeet Singh

"Rama must be ranked among the five most notable talents at the close of the century….Her intensity an command stops the viewer dead in his tracks."…….February 1999, The Hindustan Times, Shanta Serbjeet Singh

"Rama's body in all its lean and tensile strength is like a finely tuned instrument….immaculate and assertive in rhythm, springy and light footed in her leaps. Her dance was carved geometry"…..September 1993, The Hindu, Leela Venkatraman

"As for the central concern of the 'araimandi', very few dancers can compare with Rama in sustaining the perfectly etched half-seated stance from beginning to end"……August 1998, The Hindu, Leela Venkatraman

"She negotiated the complicated and rhythmic changes with effortless agility covering the stage with dynamism and grace. Rama held the attention of the audience with her 'abhinaya' skills."……January 1997, The Statesman, P. V. subramaniam (Subudu)

"The great painter Maharaja Ravi Varma must have had in mind someone resembling Rama Vaidyanathan when he painted the portrait of Shakuntala. I am not exaggerating…..She is a creative artiste, ever trying to explore new vistas in choreography."…..August 1998, The Statesman, P. V. Subramaniam (Subudu)

"Her skill for 'abhinaya' was evident in the garland of verses….Rama's expressions of the swiftly changing moods of the lady in love were lively."….December 1999, The Hindu, Chennai, Nandini Ramani

"Rama captivated with her tremendous agility, involvement and concentration" ….September 1998, The Times of India, Sudhamahi Reghunathan

"Rama Vaidynathan leaves other Bharatanatyam dancers of her generation far behind."…..September 1993, First City Magazine, Ashish Khokar

"Indeed she is not only a veteran dancer but also well known for her discipline, refinement, spiritual depth and meticulous eye for details."…..December 1998, The Sunday Observer, Colombo, Sri Lanka

"An evening spent watching Rama Vaidyanathan perform the intricate dance of the Gods is an evening well spent."…..December 1994, Sunday Nation, Nairobi, Kenya o "Rama's lecture demonstration proved her deep knowledge of the subject and her innovative and creative power."…..October 1993, Indian Express, Trivandrum

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